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Connect with a professional who has successful investment banking, equity research asset management, or crypto trading experience to build your network, understand the recruiting process or simply learn more about their profession.
  • Ask last minute questions before an interview
  • Obtain valuable information from professionals about how they got their first jobs, what they included on their resumes
  • Schedule a mock interview
  • Learn about finance jobs (pros and cons of the job, career progression)

How it Works

Get advice from seasoned professionals at your convenience no matter where you are in the world.


Book a session with an industry professional at a time that is convenient for you.


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Zoom with an Investment Banker

30 minutes


Zoom with an Equity Research Analyst

30 minutes


Zoom with an Asset Management Analyst

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Zoom with a Cryptocurrency Trader

30 minutes



"I spoke with Max on NetYourWork and he discussed his experience as a banking analyst at Goldman Sachs. I struggled in the past to connect directly with bankers but the experience was seamless and I plan on scheduling another session soon."

- Maddie, Student

"I am based abroad making networking with U.S. firms more difficult. NetYourWork gave me direct access to finance professionals without having to cold email or connect via LinkedIn."

- Josh, Student

"I wanted to learn more about equity research and investment banking so I had two conversations on NetYourWork. The Zoom session worked well and it was a great way to remote network."

- Clarence, Finance Job Seeker

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